First things does this work?

Once you sign up as a client, we start the ball rolling immediately. First, we get a list of all the dentists in your area and forward it to you…YOU select the general dentists you want to market to. Want to mail your newsletter to the 100 dentists nearest to your office? Great! Or want to mail it to all 300 dentists throughout your city? That’s fine too…the choice is yours! These now become YOUR dentists.


Each month you will be sending your dentists a warm, personalized letter, signed by you. This letter introduces the topic “YOU”  (*ahem*... “WE”) have written about for the month. It will be about a new clinical topic or perhaps an administrative “help” that will have broad appeal to the GENERAL dental community. All too often specialists reach out to their GENERAL dentists to share the latest news about a new endo sealer, a new development in Ni-Ti ortho wires or perhaps some news about a new bone grafting material that has come down the pike. Sorry…but you already know that doesn’t work! Those types of letters quickly find themselves in the trash!

Why is this newsletter different?


Unlike the typical specialist newsletter, our newsletters are NOT written by a specialist, but are instead researched and written by a GENERAL DENTIST, with general dentists in mind.
For example, one of the first letters in our series shares information about a brand new technique to IMMEDIATELY anesthetize ANY tooth (including mandibular teeth!). This new technique allows the general dentist to LITERALLY anesthetize tooth #30, put down the needle and pick up the handpiece! This technique is only a few years old and appears to be on its way to revolutionize dental anesthesia. How long do most dentists wait for mandibular anesthesia after an inferior alveolar nerve block? Ten minutes? Maybe 15? And what if the patient doesn’t become fully numb? Inject again and wait ANOTHER 10 or 15 minutes? Do the math and you realize this new technique can literally save your dentists HOURS EACH WEEK by eliminating waiting for anesthesia and makes them MUCH more efficient in providing treatment.
Midwestern Dental School in Glendale, Arizona started teaching its 4th year dental students this groundbreaking technique in 2018. Over the coming years, this technique is going to be taught in other dental schools and will eventually become widely known, perhaps largely replacing the inferior alveolar nerve block. But YOUR dentists can hear about it NEXT MONTH. And who will these general dentists have to THANK for this cutting edge information?

That’s right…YOU!

Need another example?

Referral love.jpg.jpeg

In another letter YOU will be sharing with your dentists about using an Excel spreadsheet to help them accurately evaluate a good PPO insurance plan from a bad one using real-life dental scenarios in the spreadsheet. Your dentists will be able to quickly see the true cost of the PPO plans they area already using as well as the ones they may be considering. Now imagine offering to share this spreadsheet with them AT NO COST so that they can “run the numbers” themselves and see how the PPO they are considering will TRULY impact their bottom line. Is the new plan a good fit for their practice, or a money loser? It's their call, but “your” tool will help them decide. Now they can make an informed decision instead of  just glancing at a few fees for their favorite procedures and crossing their fingers.

Of course, your letter will invite them to CALL YOUR OFFICE to get a free copy of “YOUR” spreadsheet so they can put in their own fees and run the numbers. While you certainly COULD email them a copy of the spreadsheet very easily, we hope you will follow up with a different delivery style:
How much more of an impression would it make to instead HAND DELIVER a thumb drive, perhaps even personalized with your logo, that they can put on their key ring and keep indefinitely? Can you picture yourself handing them a gift bag of cookies as you shake their hand while THEY THANK YOU for this valuable TOOL to use in THEIR dental practice?

Do you see what’s happening?
You are quickly becoming a "hero" to all the
general dentists in town and
helping build THEIR practices
using the letters, information and tools that you share with them Each month!
And they will, in turn, thank you and
help build your practice through referrals.

aren’t you so very ready for this type
of a win-win?


So what does your office have to actually do every month?

Very little!  We email a proof  of each month's newsletter to you. Usually within 48 hours after your approval, we send you a link to download the newsletters, now personalized for each of the dentists you reach out to every month. All you have to do is press PRINT and sign the letters!
Your staff then adds a few of your referral slips to each envelope before dropping them in that mailbox. DONE!
We even prepare address labels that you print for each envelope and a “teaser” label about what’s inside (“INSIDE—Learn about the game changing anesthetic technique that no one knows about—till now!”)

OK….I get it. But how do I know they Don’t just toss it in the trash?


Without a doubt, if you sent them a newsletter about all of YOUR training, YOUR skills and YOUR accomplishments (though great they are!) your dentists would simply give the newsletter a (very!) quick glance and toss it in the circular file. But YOU are now doing something unique!
We say over and over: It’s not the megaphone…its the words that are spoken through it that make the difference.
You are NOT just sending them a typical specialist letter. You are sending them something that is valuable to THEM and to THEIR practice and to THEIR life. THAT is the difference. Your dentists will see that difference, and will value YOU for what you are doing for them.

Once you begin with the referral bridge, How many new dentists do you think you will start meeting? How many new dentists do you think will start referring to your practice?