OK…We understand your hesitation

Is it worth it to me?

Is it worth it to me?

And we certainly don’t want you to sign up if you’re not ready. After all, there is a 6-issue commitment that you have to respect. Maybe this is what’s holding you back? Only YOU can decide if it’s worth it to you and your practice. While you are thinking about it and deciding, you might want to remind yourself again of the well-know truths we made at the outset: You BUY from people you like and you REFER to people you like.
Would YOU refer to someone who provides you with helps for YOUR practice each month? We certainly think so.
And we think that you probably agree as well. But the decision is yours…

Why not wait and think it over a bit until you’re sure?

Too late.jpg

Well, like it or not, the overriding reason NOT to wait is the necessary exclusivity of the offer…only a maximum of two specialists with different specialties, can do this is YOUR area. And the second specialist pays a higher price.
WE think that you should be one of them.
YOU want it to be you too.
Don’t wait until its too late!