Find out if your zip codes are available!

Ready to start an exciting new chapter in your specialty practice? You can start by sending us an email using the form below and find out if the zip codes you want to reach out to are still available. This inquiry does NOT commit you to these zip codes or to the program in any way!

Please include ALL the zip codes that you MAY want to market to. This will put a “soft hold” on those zip codes for 48 hours. We will contact you back, usually within one business day, either by phone or my email.

If you want to put a longer term “hard hold” on the zip codes (if available), you need to both fill out the form below AND go to the “Sign Me Up!” page. That is where you actually sign up as a subscriber to The Referral Bridge. The zip codes (if available) are now YOURS and the process begins to position YOU as the specialist in town who is the friend and ally to the GP dentists. If your zip codes are NOT available, your money will be refunded within 24 hours.

Please complete the form below to find out if your zip codes are available

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Include the zip codes of the general dentists you would want to reach out to. Be advised that you cannot "cherry pick" and get just a dentist or two from each zip code but must work with at least 70% of the dentists in that zip code before moving on to another one. Details will be discussed later. This does NOT "commit you" to these zip codes in any way at this point. This is just a starting point to determine availability and the number of dentists you may eventually reach out to.
We will usually try to contact you by telephone if we don't hear back by email. Nevertheless, we obviously cannot guarentee that we will be able to reach you by phone.
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Please feel free to ask any questions or include any additional information that you would like us to know.