A brief peek…


Here is an example of a letter that would be sent out from you to all of the GP’s in your area; the names and addresses are ficticious.
As you are already aware, you will be sent a “proof” each month of the letter that your dentists will be receiving. The proof is exactly that…an opportunity for you to proofread, check for typos and grammatical errors and other small changes that will enable you to be confident of the letter you will soon be sending out.

As the specialist sending out these letters to many colleagues, you will NOT be placed in the precarious position of “endorsing” the clinical techniques or administrative principles that you are sharing in that month’s newsletter. Instead the letters are presented as exactly that: just sharing some information that a GP may find helpful in HIS or HER practice and they may want to investigate further. Generally, they are also invited to reach out to you and share their feedback and thoughts about the information in the letter if they are able. This will further help to open up a door between their practice and your own.

Isn’t this really so much better than just “gently bragging” and trying to convince them about how great YOU ARE for their patient?