Ready for a surprise? you have been marketing the wrong way to the general dentists in town for your whole career!

Most specialists (*AHEM*… probably including you!) are trying to gain referrals from general dentists by reaching out to the GP’s and then touting THEMSELVES in one way or another. Examples of this include things like:
“Let me tell you about my new bioceramic sealer!” —from the endodontists
“Let me tell you about the new NiTi wires I’m using and why they are soooo much better!” —from the orthodontists
“Let me tell you about the new grafting material I’m using!” —from the periodontists
“Let me tell you about this great new implant system I’m using!” —from the oral surgeons

I may be exaggerating a little bit…but unfortunately, not a lot!

The problem is…general dentists really DON’T really care about ANY of those things! If they did, they would be specialists themselves!

Now, compare those scenarios to this one:

Picture yourself sending a warm, personalized letter to every general dentist in town. Instead of “gently bragging” about yourself and what YOU do, imagine yourself sharing something of true value to THEM and to THEIR PRACTICE. One month you will share some new, emerging general dental clinical tip, complete with scientific references, that can help them in their day-to-day practice. The next month you will share information about a new, game-changing anesthetic technique that gets any tooth numb INSTANTLY, including mandibular molars…without any special tools or supplies that is just starting to emerge on the dental landscape and no one has ever heard of before. The month after that, you will share a sample of a specialized Excel spreadsheet with unique, practical formulas that will help them evaluate whether that PPO they are considering is a good choice or not—and then give them a copy of the Excel file to them so they can run their own numbers whenever a new PPO comes across their desk. NOW you are making a true impact on THEM and THEIR practice. And now THEY they see you as more than just another specialist. NOW they see you as a friend and an ally to THEIR practice. As you continue to send these things to them, month after month, this relationship continues to grow and cement.

NOW do you see how you can easily become the most POPULAR specialist in town? And the good news is, we produce ALL of these materials, personalized for YOUR dentists and ready for you to sign and send out, starting at less than $300 each month. They know nothing about us…instead it appears these materials are all coming from YOUR office, with your local postmark, just so you can reach out and help your local colleagues in their practices.

Sound intriguing? Good. Sit down, put your feet up and let’s talk specifics about exactly what The Referral Bridge can do to open an AMAZING NEW CHAPTER in your specialty dental practice.